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MINT FUSION (Box set of 10 packs)

The display box set contains 10 packs per flavor or mixed packs and is an attractive way of displaying your Mist Shisha Sticks for personal use or to resell.

Blueberry Mint
And you thought blueberry cheese cake tastes the best. Blueberry Mint Mist is an aromatic rush of sweetness and tartness with trails of mint. This seductive flavor is one of a kind that is difficult to resist.

Grape Mint
A naughty pairing of irresistible flavors, as juicy red grapes flirt with icy cool mint to give you a playful spash of sweetness followed by striking cool mint that takes over your senses.

Lemon Mint
Every puff of Lemon Mint Mist offers an explosion of freshness and crispness that revitalizes the body with a kick of zesty lemon and a punch of mint. And just when you think you’ve had enough... you’ll come back for more.

Peach Mint
A smooth rich flavor that sets the senses ablaze. Warm juicy peaches enhanced with bold mint, Peach Mint Mist is a dreamy exotic blend that gives a full and vivid journey of a watching a summer sun set.

Watermelon Mint
Experience a tropical blend of flavors that send your taste buds jumping for joy! A mouthwatering cocktail-like flavor with strong overtones of mint that reminds you what amazing flavors are all about.

A great way to enjoy or try all five flavors. The Mist mixed pack offers both convenience and functionality! You can decide to pick a variety pack with five different flavors. Each stick in the pack has a capability of up to 300 puffs per use and is available in five flavors; Watermelon, Grape, Peach, Lemon and Blueberry all mix with a touch of fresh Mint. They come in an extremely compact box making them great for carrying around.

No Tobacco | No Nicotine | Disposable | Up to 300 puffs each

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