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FRUIT (Box Sets)

$3,591.00 HKD


FRUIT (Box set of 10 packs)

The display box set contains 10 packs per flavor or mixed packs and is an attractive way of displaying your Mist Shisha Sticks for personal use or to resell.

With a warm, inviting aroma and an unmistakable green apple taste, this flavor evokes the mellow feel of a summer afternoon. Enjoying this flavor is like sitting back and with a cool green apple martini. Apple Mist is a pure and robust flavor.

With every puff of Blueberry Mist, you’ll brave a wave of sweet silky-smooth berry flavor that’s pure paradise. Just one puff of Blueberry Mist will flood your taste buds with a tasty tropical sensation. So, whether you’re on vacation or at your desk, the Blueberry Mist flavor will make you feel like you are relaxing on a tropical beach.

Aromatically pleasing and delightfully sweet, Grape Mist will remind you of lush, sun-ripened grapes and spice flavorings blended with the distinct taste of black grape. Each delicious puff packs a grape punch that is guaranteed to satisfy.

Cool. Refreshing. Striking, yet subdued. Our magnificent Mint flavor delivers an aromatic, sub-zero surge of icy-cold tranquility. Peppermint, spearmint and natural menthol crystals invigorate as they calm, revitalize as they soothe. Just one puff will keep you as chill as an arctic wind.

A burst of juicy strawberries blended with a hint of dark chocolate and juicy summer berries, Strawberry is a tantalizingly potent, punchy and sweet addition to the line-up of Mist Shisha Sticks flavors. Let our Strawberry Mist spark your senses with a dazzling punch of flavors. Mist Strawberry is the e-shisha flavor that berries aspire to be.

A great way to enjoy or try all five flavors. The Mist mixed pack offers both convenience and functionality! You can decide to pick a variety pack with five different flavors. Each stick in the pack has a capability of up to 300 puffs per use and is available in five flavors; Apple, Strawberry, Mint, Grape and Blueberry. They come in an extremely compact box making them great for carrying around.

No Tobacco | No Nicotine | Disposable | Up to 300 puffs each

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