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At MIST we are a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs, who love the idea of wearing multiple hats and working within intimate teams to complete meaningful goals.
We thrive in a creative environment, eagerly accept new & exciting challenges and find joy in not knowing what's around the corner.

Parry Au - Operations Manager

Parry Au
Operations Manager

Parry has operational responsibility for ensuring our processes and procedures are kept updated to guarantee consistency and quality are of the highest standard. His pragmatic approach and attention to detail is what enables the rest of the team to do their best work.

David Deacon - Product Development Manager

David Deacon
Product Development Manager

With a decade of experience in industrial design, team development and a talent for concept development to final delivery, David is a rock star when it comes to merging artful design with commercial demands.

Nav Lalji - Chief Executive Officer

Nav Lalji
Chief Executive Officer

Nav is the visionary and driving force behind Mist e-cigarettes. After building two successful companies around smoking alternatives, he decided to step back from previous management roles and dive into building Mist from the ground up.

Yannis Rodigez - Global Sales Director

Yannis Rodriguez
Global Sales Director

Leveraging his experience in the health care industry and Nano Technology, Yannis is an explosive asset when it comes to identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges a unique product like Mist has to offer.

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