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Tobacco Free Alternative To Cigarettes

MIST offers customers the latest in temperature-controlled, fourth-generation vaporizer technology. Cutting-edge technology works to create an exceptional flavour for our clients, delivering an unforgettable vaping experience. MIST wants to allow everyone to enjoy vaping.

The MIST disposable range makes it simple, easy and affordable to enjoy vaping, offering both first-time users and experienced vapers a delicious and rich flavour. Choose from our range of nicotine free alternatives to cigarettes including classic tobacco and e-shisha sticks, delivering the same number of puffs at the same price as a box of cigarettes.


How Mist Works

As the user inhales, a sensor activates a battery‐powered device called an atomizer, which then heats a liquid in the cartridge and converts the liquid to a vapor. The liquid is a clear non-toxic chemical called propylene glycol, which is safe to consume and can be found in many everyday foods items from ice cream and cookies to salad dressings and soft drinks. Fog machines that create a smoky atmosphere at stage shows also use propylene glycol. Natural flavoring is then adding to this liquid to give it flavor.

Inhaling this vapor through the mouthpiece delivers it to the lungs and the user exhales vapor that looks much like a cloud of regular smoke. For aesthetic purposes a faux diamond at the tip lights up in blue on the end of the stick to simulate flame.

 How Mist works


A revolution in vaping

MIST gives you real choice in your vaporiser. Choose from disposable sticks or a range of configurable, advanced mods, many with variable voltage and wattage and precise temperature controls. Place an order today and have yours delivered to your door, visit one of our retail locations, or get in touch with our customer service department with any questions on (852) 2366 7588 or at

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