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Hong Kong’s Most Advanced E Cig Mod Kits

Join the big leagues and take your vaping experience to the next level. MIST offers a range of vape mods for sale sourced from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Built using cutting-edge technology, they offer the finest grain control over the temperature, flavour and viscosity of your vapour.

Competitively priced, our affordable range delivers quality without the huge price tag. For as little as HK$219, you can buy state-of-the-art vape mods delivering everything you need to get an exceptional experience. A good mod is essential to getting the most flavour out of your e-liquid, so if you’re ready to make the jump and customise every aspect of your vapour, we’ve got the range for you.


Chosen to suit every kind of vaper

An extensive, hand-picked selection of vape and e cigarette mods for sale, we’ve chosen with both the new and the experienced vaper in mind. Our range of mods delivers power and precision where you need it, offering up to 8V of wattage and low resistance heating coils perfect for cloud chasing. For vapers looking to just get the ultimate depth of flavours, the precise temperature control delivered by the models in our range can unlock entirely new sensations in your favourite e-liquid. However you like to vape, you’ll find a machine here that’s perfect for you.


Opening the door to new experiences

MIST offers something for everyone. Our range of e cigarattes are a flavoursome alternative to tobacco products, replicating the weight and feel of a cigarette without the harmful nicotine. If you’re looking to pivot away from nicotine products, the MIST range is an exceptional choice, delivering an enhanced version of the original experience that has turned so many traditional cigarette smokers onto the MIST Life.

Give yourself something special. Order today from our online store, or visit one of our retail locations and discover why so people across Southeast Asia and around the world chose MIST. Feel free to get in contact with any questions about our range.

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