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Hong Kong’s Preferred Brand of Disposable E Cigarettes

The satisfaction of a traditional cigarette with the convenience and innovation of an e-cigarette. Delivering the same richness of flavour and mouthfeel, this revolutionary range from MIST is the ideal choice for anyone looking to pivot away from tobacco products, but doesn’t want to leave behind the social dimension and relaxation it offers. Working by vaporising a non-toxic flavoured solution of propylene glycol, it’s a flavoursome, clean-burning alternative. 


Disposable vaporizers unlike anything online

MIST’s collection is as cost-effective as purchasing any packet of cigarettes. Available in four varieties that imitate the flavour of the most common varieties of cigarettes – Bold, Classic, Gold and Menthol – and delivering up to 300 puffs each, they’re an exceptional choice for anyone through with tobacco.

An experience you can return to day after day, you’ll get the same strength of flavour each and every time. Enjoy for precisely as long as you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s a few quick puffs while you wait for a taxi or settling in for an extended period with a good book, MIST is the convenient and delicious choice.

Designed to imitate the size and weight similar of a traditional cigarette, MIST features a soft filter tip and a sleek, 21st century design. Using the latest technology and the most advanced atomizers on the market, you’ll get nothing but clean-tasting vapour when you buy disposable e cigarettes from our online store.


A new flavour experience

Based in Hong Kong, MIST provides its range of eCigs and e-Shisha sticks across the world. We’ve already been recognised as Southeast Asia’s largest independent eCig and vaporizer company, so discover what so many people already have and live the MIST Life.

Make the smart choice and select from our range today. Available at a range of retail locations across HK, it’s so easy to enjoy MIST. Our customer service department is ready to take your questions should you wish to know more about our collection.

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