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Tools to Help You Quit Smoking

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The Best Tools to Help you Quit Smoking

Approximately 70% of all current smokers would like to quit, but only around 40% of smokers will try to quit in any given year. Statistics show that an extremely small percentage of people who quit smoking actually succeed on their first try. Many individuals will lapse back into smoking, particularly when drinking alcohol. People who try to quit struggle with a variety of issues from headaches, shakes, anxiety and difficulty concentrating. To help with the withdrawals there are many different tools, including patches, e-cigarettes, shisha sticksflavoured alternatives and self-discipline.

So how do you know which method or tool is right for you? The truth is, it may require a number of different aids to quit smoking successfully, but it can be done. Below are just some of the tools available to help smokers kick the habit.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine is the main reason that people continue smoking, and the addiction to nicotine can be what causes many of ex-smokers to take up smoking again.  Nicotine patches are worn on the skin, and nicotine is released slowly into the body through skin absorption. The amount of nicotine released is less than that obtained by smoking a cigarette, but still helps to keep the craving for a cigarette at bay. There are different strengths of patch depending on smoking habits, body weight or health. However, with a nicotine patch, you are still putting toxins into your body – a better alternative for those looking to quit would be a nicotine free option that simply replaces the habit.


Electronic cigarettes are a great way for smokers to get their nicotine fix without tobacco, or any of the other hazardous chemicals found in standard cigarettes. More than that, it gives a smoker’s idle hands something to do. In an e-cigarette, as a user inhales, nicotine liquid is heated up and turned to vapour. This is released as a water-based cloud upon exhalation. Manufacturers of e-cigarettes also claim that smokers would be saving a significant amount of money, by using reusable e-cigarettes, as well as removing the sight of cigarette butts littered along the ground.

Shisha sticks

Mist Life Mix Pack - Shisha Sticks

Electronic shisha sticks, also known as shisha pens, are similar to an e-cigarette in that the user inhales as though smoking a cigarette. However, unlike an e-cigarette, the vapour inside the e-shisha is completely free of nicotine. Instead, an eliquid is heated up inside the stick and turned into a vapour that is inhaled. The shisha stick eliquid can come in a multitude of flavours, such as mint, watermelon and strawberry. For most people trying to quit, the act of simply inhaling or using an electronic cigarette or shisha pen is enough to satisfy the urge to smoke. In these cases, a nicotine free alternative is often the best solution. Mist offers a mix pack of different flavours of shisha sticks that are nicotine-free, tobacco-free and disposable.

On the journey to quit smoking, being able to utilise all of the tools available to you can sometimes be exactly what allows you to succeed.

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